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A new style of interactive digital magazine, giving perspective into the relationship between farming, food and your health. This has been put together from the view of an organic farmer, the story of the close relationship between farming practices and healthy food will be shared through interviews, videos, infographics, photos and articles to let you look at ways of improving your health and lifestyle.

It's is a new digital magazine, connecting the farming, food and health chain through stories, case studies and articles.

We want to help you understand how great farmers produce food that not only tastes delicious, but is good for you.

From the soil up, understanding the complexities of food growing methods, and how farming practices and food processing methods can make the difference between a wholly balanced diet or one that's missing core minerals needed for a healthy life.

We deconstruct some of the methods to show you what's healthy and what's needing improvement.

And with a team of talented contributors and authors, you'll learn about how to make better food choices, and tips from the experts in identifying how to improve your health and happiness.